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"Miss Peggy"  grandbaby & I


I would like to intrroduce us. I was born in Garden City, Kansas in 1943 to Ray & Jake Walker. I have two sisters. Kay,Carolyn & two brothers (twins) Stan and Steve. They both ride Moto Guzzies, but I don't hold that against them. Spent the first few years of my life 11miles south of Garden City where our dad worked for a farmer. I spent the second grade in Scott City where dad went to work for Kansas Nebraska  Natural Gas Co.He was promoted to manager and we moved to Leoti. Spent 3rd. grade thru 11th. grade there. That's where I got bit by the cycle bug. A friend of mine Stan Buell had an old 45 Harley, what a ride! Joined the army in 1960, my senior year in high. I was so smart I didn't need those other few month of school.(Yeah Right) Spent the first year in Germany during the Berlin crises. My dad had a heart attack and I was sent home on a compassionate re-assignment and sent to Colorado Springs, Colo. to finish my tour.That's where I met my wife and soul mate "Miss Peggy". We were married in 62 and have spent the past 44 years together. Our two children are married now. Tony lives in Rice Lake, Wis.  He has four great kids. Justus,Zach,Shelby and my namesake Riley Ronald. Our Daughter lives in Maplewood, Min. with a great husband Mike and they have two girls-Niki and Terra. Niki has made us great-grandparents  . I was working for a sign shop in  Rice Lake, Wis. when I  suffered a back injury in a fall from a sign .Spent the next ten years undergoing six back operations.Sign painting led to air brush and pinstriping. After destroying my lungs from air brushing without a mask('Cuz i was cool & didn't need one!). We started going to Daytona where I pinstriped cycles during Bike Week . Finally just got to be to much. We still go to St. Augustine, Fla.( )I promote a Car /bike show there in June each year, and my son Tony and I do one here in Wis. in Aug.  This is our 22th. annual. "Miss Peggy had a brain anyersum in 1999 and is doing great by the grace of God ! After sliding my bike down main street I figured  it was time to get more rubber on the ground, I ran across the site one day , and decided to build a trike, and many thank's to my friend "Jack" it has become a reality. We are doing everything we can to promote BTW in this area. There about 18 trikes here and are trying to get them all signed up. THANK'S for checking out my site and "Join the BTW just for the fun of it"

If you are interested in learning more about building a trike or are interested in joining a great organization known as "BROTHERS OF THE THIRD WHEEL" Just click below and I will be happy to point you in the right direction. Thank's for looking !

Brothers of the Third Wheel Web-site